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Our Mission:

Inspire the human spirit & helping others live up to their full potential by Performing Great in any area that individual decides to pursue.


Our Brand represents a movement of empowering individuals to perform better physically, mentally, & live a more fulfilling life through high performance with a Relentless Attitude towards Excellence.


Our Story, Culture, & What PERFORMGREAT is all about:

Max Chieng, the CEO & founder has his upbringing story & lifestyle ingrained into the brand that sets it different from the rest. He has always been obsessed with personal development & high performance. We all come from different life backgrounds & are unique in our own ways, but we all share one common worldview...That is our ambition & drive to become the best version of ourselves by Performing Great in all aspects of our lives. PERFORMGREAT speaks volume to the student, the athlete, the entrepreneur, & many more that have the burning desire & relentlessness to be at the top of their game. Our core values is what cultivates this cultural atmosphere. We understand that in order for one to achieve great things, the performance quality & effort must match that desire.


PERFORMGREAT is a lifestyle brand for the go getters & honoring individuals pursuing their full potential. As long as there are individuals with the mindset of pushing beyond boundaries to achieve peak accomplishments & live a more fulfilling life, there will always be PERFORMGREAT.


Our 10 Core Company Values:

Care. Have the best of interest in the other person. Putting someone before you, genuinely caring for that person, & have empathy for them. Caring for what you do.

Integrity. Being honest, ethical, and having strong moral principles. Do the right thing. 

Intelligence. Having knowledge, skills, and the ability to learn & apply new knowledge and skills. Continuing to learn and increase knowledge that will add value to an individual & those around them professionally and personally.   

Commitment & Positive Energy. Commitment means getting 100 percent behind whatever it is you are committing to even if you don't have all the answers. Creativity & problem solving are stimulated only after a person fully commits. In addition, having a positive or high sense of energy that is impacting someone is a positive way.

Respect & Loyalty. Treating one another with respect, caring for each other, & being committed to the end goal. 

Be Humble & Open Communication. Understanding that you do not know everything and you are not superior to anyone regarding who they are and their morals. This will allow you to learn and progress & we believe that open communication is a key factor to drive everyone forward for the better.

Pursue Growth, Creativity, & Have a Competitive Spirit. Having the heart and drive to win, dominate, innovate, and be the very best.

Go Above & Beyond. Doing things outside of your job description, even if it does not promise a return but will create a memorable experience or a "waw" factor.

Take Responsibility. Taking on full responsibility & ownership that will move an individual & those around them forward. Doing things that need to be done without being told to do so & being proactive.

Be Passionate & Determined. Doing the the best you can do and doing it right to the best of one's ability. If you love what you do, you will do your best and give your best efforts towards what you do.